thoughtfully supporting the CMA       

I was inspired by the story of Winter, the dolphin rescued by Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) whose story was featured in Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2. Winter's tail had to be removed after it was caught in a crab trap, which made it hard for her to swim. She overcame this disability with help from CMA. I'm always reading the CMA's blog and website and knew it was important to help out as best as I could. I want to support all of the animals that live at CMA, and those that will need rescue, rehab, and release in the future.

One Christmas I made bath products to give as gifts, and someone suggested I sell them. I've always wanted to give back, and this was the perfect chance. Here are some details about this great organization. They:

  • rescue and rehab marine life and then release these animals back into the wild.

  • are a non-profit agency.

  • care for permanent residents who will never be healthy enough for release.

  • opened in 1972 as a volunteer organization.

  • work to protect animals outside their building.

  • have educational camps for kids.

Please help me support all they do at Clearwater Marine Aquarium as they work to keep the world healthy for those that live in nature.

Want to place an order? Email with your selections. 100% of my profits will be used to support my teacher's medical bills.