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      thoughtfully supporting one of my          favorite teachers       

As I said on my home page, I'm a creative person who spends most of her free time writing and drawing. I've cultivated my love of creating thanks to the amazing teachers at my school, which is set up a little differently than others. We stay with the same teachers from grades 5 - 8, so I've really gotten to know these amazing people as they've helped guide me from elementary school into middle school.


Over the 2020-21 holiday break, I learned that one of my favorite teachers (whose name and medical details I'm leaving out to respect her privacy) was struggling with mounting health issues and had to be hospitalized. Her family started a gofundme page to handle the medical bills that were piling up and my parents made a donation, but I wanted to do more. Because of that, I've restarted my Thoughtfully Organic business so that I can raise money to help her family make it through this difficult time. I went through my old journals to re-discover the most popular products and scents so that I can create packages I know will appeal to customers.


School starts on January 5th, and I will be juggling these efforts with my regular studies. Because I want to continue succeeding in school while raising money for my teacher, I've narrowed down my options to keep things manageable. I'll be offering 3 different packages for $10/each, and each package will include 2 bath bombs, 1 sugar scrub, and 1 lip balm.

Please consider helping me support my teacher and all she does for her school. We always look forward to being in her class, and her dedication to her students inspires us everyday.